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Village Economic Empowerment in partnership with ora-Kinderhilfe  a child aid organisation based in Germany,  working  together to support and help marginalised  families through  child sponsorship program where  a child is adopted by a Godparent and form a lasting relationship  to support the well being of the child and their nuclear family by monthly donation of $35. The sponsored child  becomes an  ambassador for the welfare of the whole family and not benefiting alone

We understand the importance of children growing up in a supportive environment. This is the reason as to why the aid focuses on not only the child but also their siblings, parents, village and community.

By giving $ 35 USD each month or more, you become a godparent to a child. The donation goes through our partners Ora Kinderhilfe who have vast experience in child sponsorship programs.They  will become the liaison between the godparent  and the sponsored child and  assist in providing tax exemption rebates for your contribution.

As a godparent, you will have a relationship with your sponsored child, you will receive a letter and a photo each year and you will also be expected to communicate back to the child .You will receive updates of the impact that your donation is having with your child and also the nuclear family extending to the village and the community as well. Planned visits for the sponsored child are provided upon request. Upon consent to sponsor Ora Kinderhilfe will contact you and give you  a list of children to choose from. You will also receive the terms and conditions that will guarantee your security and that of the child. We are excited to have you be part of many godparents that are making a difference in children's lives.


"Angelina has created a relationship with her sponsored child, Loise from Kinari. Angelina has visited her god-child twice in different years and they really have a beautiful bond. She is always updated on her sponsored child’s welfare through photos, letters and updated info sheets that she receives.  Angelina came on board through the become a sponsor initiative in partnership with Ora-kinderhilfe. Her contribution has been able to help not only her sponsored child’s family but also her village and her community."

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With only $35 you will help a child in Kenya get access to Education, Health Insurance, Food and Shelter to their families. Support this initiative today.  (Proceed)







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