Establishment & registration

Vineyard economic empowerment is an establishment of Association of vineyard churches in kenya It has been operational since august 2012. The main aim of this program was to find a solution that would equip empower and enlighten every believer around Kenya associated first with the vineyard churches then spread to the communities surrounding the churches.

It is registered as a Non Profit Making Entity, hence NGO, under the MICROFINANCE act to be able to run as a small financial entity and capable to fully run as a SACCO ( Savings and Credit Cooperative Organization) . We do not pay taxes for services rendered to the communities.

Ilbisil water project Update

The long wait is over. Now the water pump and the generator have been commissioned, and water is up the tank already using Hose Solution's drop pipe. Residents of Longosua area, Nalepo Vineyard church and the VEE team express their gratitude and joy for achieving this great achievement.

Our Network

Our network within Kenya is spread out, and is still growing. We have presence in Kisumu County, Nyandarua County, Kiambu County, Kajiado County, Kitale County, Uasin Gishu County, Laikipia County, Nairobi County.VEE is also spreading, through training, to other countries, namely Uganda and Malawi.

Our Outreaches

Our outreaches are Small Group outreach and Community Outreach. We train the members of the local church including any willing persons within the community in business activities and investment. Our training benefits all Vineyard churches members and leaders.

Table banking

It is a group funding strategy where members (5 - 10 members) of a particular group meet regularly, place their savings, loan repayments and other contributions on the table then can borrow long term or short term loans

Our process

After a 2 day training, we register willing members to our program, who form groups of 5 - 10 people. They then identify business activities that they could engage in. The members support each other as a team in becoming accountable to the business activities they were trained on.


The trained group can send a loan application proposal to VEE KENYA for evaluation. When consented, the group raises 30% of their proposal and then the rest is loaned to the group by the VEE KENYA.

Community Outreach

The Outreach

Donors and VEE engage on specific desired empowerment goals and outcomes to be realised in a community. Projects or activities that would economically empower are developed in partnership with the community


We ensure we communicate from the onset that the engagement is not an aid but an empowerment. When all parties are on board we make an agreement with the donor which is signed, binding our engagement with them. The community become members who are accountable, committed and adhere to the training, stipulations and activities so as to ensure the success of the empowerment project.


  • This community engagement has a tendency of creating a pool of people who then become a target for spiritual empowerment and hence opportunity to plant new churches.
  • Chances of having co-operative formations are very high and ideal for the program since we are registered as a Microfinance entity

Funding & Sponsorships

VEE relies entirely on funds from donors. During our last 5 years of operation, all our activities have been funded through donors affiliated to the Vineyard movement.

VEE and AVC Kenya

How can VEE Kenya fuse with the other arms of AVC Kenya?

VEE Kenya approaches a wholistic empowerment overview. In this regard, We strive to come up with solutions that would be very effective in enhancing the Kingdom of God holistically. We believe that empowerment is a continuous process and that it can be achieved if four stages:- spiritual empowerment, personal empowerment, economic empowerment and societal empowerment.

Spiritual Empowerment

We believe that poverty is a tool the devil uses against people and it does not depict the Kingdom of God. The church has the obligation to teach and preach against the myths and believes that religion has inculcated to believers subjecting them to see themselves as unworthy or God is punishing them.

Community Empowerment

It involves engaging a group of people from a community through projects that run for several years. We believe when you make an impact in a community you bring a difference to the society.

The main goal is to see the community learn to depend on themselves, create wealth using their resources, eradicate poverty and illiteracy.

VEE kenya Holistic empowerment pie chart

Personal Empowerment

Each VEE program member is trained, equipped and empowered. We do this as a commitment toward eradicating previous worldviews, beliefs, practices and habits that worked against the wholistic development of an individual. This empowerment is one to one and has proved very effective and productive.

Economic Empowerment

We establish willing people who commit towards training and accountability to each other and the program.

We provide empowerment through loans, ideas, business trainings, market and opportunity exposure.

Ilbisil Project

This is a water project which will provide water for drinking and farming.

The Area

Ilbisil is a small semi-arid town, 107 kilometers south of Nairobi located in Kajiado County. The area is home to the prevalent Maasai community who traditionally embrace the semi-nomadic lifestyle.

The Project

This project entails drilling a water borehole in Ilbisil to provide clean water for the residents to drink, give their livestock and carry out small-scale agriculture. An extensive geological survey was done in the area and the borehole was drilled. Currently plans are underway to install a water pump as well as scouting for new boreholes in the area so as to supplement the currently dug one.

The Aim

When complete, the project will give the local community an alternative way of life through farming to boost their food security and afterward empowering them economically through selling some of their produce.

Karangatha Project

This is a project to improve farming practices for increased farm productivity to the Karangatha community

The Project

Due to the karangatha community being mainly farmers, VEE together with the help of Ora Kinderhilfe from Germany started a potato seed production project by buying the best seed in the market, organizing and educating the farmers how to plant potatoes the correct way according to well researched best farming practices.

The Revenue

The potatoes, when harvested, would be seeds which the VEE community farmers of Karangatha would use to plant potatoes on their farms and also sell to the other farmers in the nearby markets. The revenue generated from this endevor would be reinvested back to the project to ensure its growth.

The Aim

The aim of the project is to educate the farmers how to do agribusiness to improve their livelihoods together with their families, ensure they feed well and educate their children comfortably.

Kinari Project

Due to growth and increased participation from the people of Kinari, the Karangatha project needed to be replicated to Kinari, Kiambu County. Land preparation and planting of potatoes is underway with a vision to help the local people replicate the ideas they have learn't on the model farm into their own farms.