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Village Economic Empowerment in Partnership  with Ora-Kinderhilfe,  a German based child aid organisation  is committed to uplifting marginalised communities  families through child sponsorship donations. The partnership goal is to ensure that children are adequately fed, sufficiently clothed, medically cared for and can attend school. These children have an equal opportunity to become self-sufficient and independent in the future.

We achieve this goal by supporting  their parents/ guardians  through small income generating activities, training and empowering them to live sustainable livelihoods for instance on sustainable farming practices and how to deal with climate change effects.

We always aim at improving the lives of children together with their families and ensuring that the parents/guardians are able to  provide for themselves  and uplift dignity and self-reliance as opposed to creating an aid mentality where they expect regular help without being part of changing their destinies and those of their children.

Your  support will  help in alleviating poverty, create jobs, promote health for the children and their parents /guardians, help in educating the children and also put a meal on the table for many families that live below $1 a day. You will also receive updates on the activities and how your donations have impacted the children and the communities where they live upon consent to receive our newsletters.


"One of the already effected projects is shown above, the distribution of uzima filters to families in Kinari & Karangatha to ensure public hygiene (one of our thematic areas).  With increased rainfall in the areas, their water gets polluted and therefore is unsafe for drinking. The main cause being that the level of pit latrines is the same as that of their shallow wells causing the contamination. The uzima filters are a solution through support a child initiative to ensure clean and safe water through filtration. This is an all-round approach that does not only reach the child  but also covers families. Pictured above is John, one of our sponsored children whose family benefited from the uzima filters."

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