Sustainable community empowerment

for better living standards

We empower our communities holistically to ensure they realise their full potential

About Us

Who we are

Village Economic Empowerment (VEE) is an establishment of AVC Kenya. It has been operational since August 2012.

VEE’s main objective is to form an independent, self reliant and sustaining society through training, equipping and empowering the marginalised groupings, youth, women and local communities.

Our focus is mainly on areas where poverty, illiteracy and healthcare are a major concern. We have our presence throughout Kenya, and in our neighboring countries, i.e. Uganda, Rwanda and Malawi.

We train communities on the best practices to scale up their economic activities, eradicating illiteracy through pre schools and learning centres for children and adult education, addressing healthcare issues by organising workshop and providing medical health covers.


Ways we are impacting our communities

Ilbisil Borehole drilling

Water project

The water project consists of a sunk borehole, a generator house and a water kiosk.

This was done to provide water for the suffering members of the Maasai community who walked long distances to fetch water for their families and livestock.

The project also further seeks to introduce and promote farming as an economic activity and their livelihood for the predominantly pastoralist community.

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Improved Farming project

This project sets to improve the Agricultural practices and productivity for the Karangatha/Kinare community. It has realized improved yields which has translated to better living standards.

These farming projects are spread out in two counties, Kiambu and Nyandarua counties, where we use the organization’s pieces of land for demonstration of best farming practises and trainings.

In these two areas, we have built two structures to help the farmers do better. We have the cold room storage facility for preservation of potatoes and the Diffuse Light Structure(DLS) for the constant and continuous certified seed production.

Kinare harvest

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