Sponsor a Group

Background/ What? (Support a group)
Both informal & formal self help groups are popular in villages. Most of them come together to enhance their capacities through safeguarding their social welfare, joint savings, sharing knowledge, ideas and skills. A lot of them including our 25 self help groups face various difficulties such as weak financial management, low returns on investment,inadequate training, instability and conflicts . This is why we seek to provide unique and long-lasting solutions to these problems in each of our communities’ self help groups.

Sponsor a Family

Sponsor a family
I.    What I Have for you/ What the campaign is all about? (Help/Sponsor A family)
Most times families are not in a position to fulfill their basic needs as a result of a myriad of challenges such as unemployment, illiteracy, poverty, gender inequality among others. The needs for each family vary from  immediate to intermediate needs as well as fall in different positions in the familys’ needs assessment. Working with marginalized communities has brought us to a sad realization that most families depend on daily wages that are neither sustainable nor reliable.  II. Why change this/ donate towards this ?

Sponsor a Project

Support a project
Our projects take a holistic approach  that ensures social and community participation for sustainability and efficiency. Donating towards projects benefits the community as a whole. It enhances their abilities and improves their livelihoods. The donations help in fulfilling our collective goal of addressing healthcare, food security, shelter, education and public hygiene. Every donation towards a project trickles down to the children, families, self help groups and the community as a whole.