Elvis Githinji
Elvis GithinjiChief Executive Director

Message from Our CEO

“Village economic empowerment is a non-governmental organization that started in the year 2012 .The main aim of this organization is to empower marginalized communities. Our empowerment approach ascribes to SPEC, while working to create independent and self-reliant societies. In empowering communities within the villages, we seek to address matters of health, Education, Food Security, Public Hygiene and Infrastructure development. We partner with donors, fundraise for projects and mobilize the communities to form small groups where they contribute towards a certain common venture. These groups are called Self -Help Groups.Family unit is our basic approach when dealing with empowerment. We believe when you empower a family you empower a community.

Our principles and aspirations derived from our understanding that every human being exists for each other and humanity ought to seek and restore love, dignity, peace, truth and happiness for all. We collaboratively find solutions with the communities and effectively address those needs. Empowerment should be and must be holistic and self-sustaining; this eradicates dependency and promotes innovation that in return spurs growth and development within families and communities. We believe in holistic empowerment for sustainable growth and development.”

Our Core Values

Village Economic Empowerment is a  registered Non- Governmental Organization whose aim is to form OR create independent, self reliant and self sustaining societies.

We empower marginalized communities spiritually, on a personal level, economically and communally. We subscribe to the SPEC ideology (Empowerment that impacts the Kingdom)

Village Economic Empowerment operates by the following guiding principles;

  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Accountability
  • Sustainability
  • Excellence
  • Honest Inclusiveness

Our Goals

  1. Finding solutions to illiteracy and advocating for early childhood education within marginalized communities.
  2. Organize health workshops and mobile clinics that address underlying health risks, sanitation, hygiene and nutritional deficiencies within the villages.
  3. We seek to promote economic stability within household/families through creation of small groups involved in table banking activities.
  4. To address food insecurity within the villages by offering modern and sustainable food production solutions.
  5. Providing clean and safe water through sinking boreholes, water filtration systems, creation of sand dams within river banks among others.
  6. Collaborating with community leadership in identifying infrastructural gaps/needs and providing support.
Our Vision
Our vision is to empower and restore dignity to marginalized and vulnerable communities within  villages.
Our Mission
To seek and advocate for solutions that enhance food security, quality education, clean and safe water, health.sanitation and infrastructural development.

What We Do

Our main areas of focus are health, education, shelter and food security.

The four areas do not limit our scope of work since we are also involved in financial management ,training and workshop , child sponsorship program, developing infrastructures that envisions  public hygiene principles through provision of clean and safe water, sanitation and basic hygiene workshops ,education and food production.

We have our presence in Kenya in Ilbisil, Kinale, Karangatha and Matunda in Kajiado, Kiambu, Nyandarua and Kakamega Counties.

Our work takes an all rounded approach since we ensure that all age groups in the society are empowered; from children, youth, men and women and the elderly. Our mode of empowerment is participatory since it involves working together with the community to provide community based solutions to their immediate needs.