Holistic Development

The monkey-rope is found in all whalers; but it was only in the Pequod that the monkey and his holder were ever tied together. This improvement upon the original usage was introduced by no less a man than Stubb, in order to afford the imperilled harpooneer the strongest possible guarantee for the faithfulness and vigilance of his monkey-rope holder.In the tumultuous business.

We believe that communities can and very well equipped to help in the social and economic recovery of countries in the world. Not only can we make a difference during this time of the pandemic but also in the future as a non-profit. A step by step initiative that first entails communities and other stakeholders being pro-active especially with elements that foster faster development. In conjunction with the government, we can work together in support of community initiatives such as community self-help groups, innovations and research. As a non-profit we have always sought to understand, the main economic activities in a community. This ranges from incubation stages to full implementation and how they earn their income. Working with our communities has led us to the realization that even if they have a way of generating incomes; it is not sufficient and therefore translates to low savings and investments.  Most households depend on daily wages to survive. For instance those who are farmers always get it rough by being taken advantage of by middlemen. Taking a broad view of my country Kenya, the health sector is still battling with other diseases such as Malaria and Pneumonia that contribute to 11% and 8% of mortality rates respectively each year. The solutions to the above underlying problems could range from technological models to ease their operations in the new normal to an existing strategies that ensure that they scale up their ventures. For instance; the cold room in Kinari (a modern storage facility) serves the purpose of eliminating wastage that farmers experience after harvesting and are forced to sell their produce at throw away prices. The seed curing store is also another initiative to ensure that each season, our farmers can always have quality seeds and maybe higher yield at the end of each season. In Ilbisil, the next quarter involves construction of a sorting house; this is more of a creativity centre for women, men and young adults to learn and explore their capabilities. For instance; women will be able to engage in beadwork, exchange ideas and even become better at their craft. In solving the health issues in communities we have embraced role of community health volunteers with support in terms of training from governments and civil societies to sensitize our communities on various health risks and ways to deal with them. Community health volunteers have been helpful in the ongoing water, sanitation and hygiene trainings in the Ilbisil community. The pandemic has come with its own share of effects. Stress, depression and anxiety are on the rise among families. As a non-profit, we have strived to engage our communities in policy and frameworks to deal with these problems. COVID learning program was such an initiative to ensure that our children understand the new normal.  The curriculum was for them and by them with just a little guidance. Spiritual Empowerment as our backbone ensures that we nourish these communities and give them hope. This form of empowerment coupled with the above mentioned initiatives help in solving social problems relating to people's own capabilities, nurturing and supporting already thriving talents, elevating self-esteem and ensuring that each individual reaches their desires. We believe happiness and peace enhances productivity of a person and this can translate to a whole population in a community.

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